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  • Israeli reconnaissance plane approaches Russian naval base in Syria

    An Israeli military reconnaissance aircraft was seen flying 60-65 kilometers near the military base of the Russian Navy base in the Syrian port of Tartus, reports news outlet with reference to ADS-B Exchange air traffic monitoring service. This is the first time that the Israeli plane came so close to the Russian naval base.

    According to, the plane was most likely interested in air defense systems, including the Russian S-300 missile systems, which provide security from the …

  • Israel is jamming Syrian air defense systems in preparation for new attacks

    Over the past 24 hours, the Syrian radar and air defense systems have experienced disruptions in their work which are believed to have been caused by the electronic warfare systems installed on Israeli warplanes. During this period, Israeli planes were detected near the Syrian borders.

    "Israeli warplanes have been buzzing Syrian air-defense systems in the southern region since the morning, Israeli electronic measures were also detected,” reports the blogger “Within Syria” on twitter.

    There …

  • Media: Russian naval base in Syria comes under regular attacks

    Despite the fact that there have not been any Russian Defense Ministry’s reports about attacks on the Russian naval base in Syria, militants regularly attack Russian warships and the Russian Navy base in Tartus, report several Russian news outlets.

    "Air defense systems that are deployed in Tartus, systematically shoot down drones that terrorists send to carry out attacks on Russian facilities. However, missile systems cope with these attacks easily. No flying weapons were able to reach their …

  • Moscow’s successes in Syria: Two churches built and monitoring of Israeli airspace began

    The once obscure and underdeveloped Syrian port city of Tartus has turned in a short time into the largest closed water space in the area, with modern berths and shore-based ship life support systems. In an article for the Russian news outlet Izvestia, Russian military expert Vladislav Shurygin writes that the bay could comfortably accommodate “an entire flotilla”.

    According to him, the developed infrastructure established in the bay can accommodate the crews of ships and submarines. The …

  • Russian Defense Minister: Syrian military operation allowed Russia to modernize its weapons

    The shortcoming of the Russian cruise missile Kalibr were discovered after the missiles were used against militants in Syria and it allowed Russia to upgrade these missiles, stated Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu in an interview with the newspaper Moskovskij Komsomolets.

    According to Shoygu, the upgrade of the Kalibr resulted in a significant reduction of their flight preparation. According to Shoygu, Putin himself ordered the upgrade of the missiles after he was acquainted with the …

  • Unidentified warplanes strike pro-Iranian militia on Iraqi-Syrian border again

    A military base of a pro-Iranian Shiite group in the Iraqi al-Anbar province on the border with Syria was attacked on Sunday by an unidentified aircraft or a combat drone, reports the Lebanese TV channel Al-Mayadeen.

    The camp of the al-Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Forces) militants, many of whom were trained at the training bases of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps in Iran, was reportedly hit by an the airstrike.

    According to the TV channel, a military camp near the town of Al- …

  • Russian fighter jets thwart Israeli attack on Syria

    Russian fighter jets blocked Israeli planes and drones which were trying to carry out another attack on Syria, claims the Russian news outlet

    Thursday night, as Israel was preparing another series of strikes on the Damascus suburbs, two Russian fighter jets took off from the Russian military airbase Khmeimim, located in Latakia province, and headed for the south of Syria. According to, these planes thwarted Israeli strikes on the  Syrian capital and its suburbs.

    According …

  • Russia accuses the US of orchestrating a drone attack on Khmeimim air base in Syria

    Colonel-General Alexander Fomin, who is the deputy head of the Russian Defense Ministry, stated during a working the meeting that the American warplane was involved in the attack on the Russian military airbase Khmeimim, located in the Syrian province of Latakia.

    "Thirteen drones were moving in combat formation, operated by one crew. All this time, for eight hours, the American reconnaissance aircraft P-8A Poseidon was cruising over the Mediterranean sea. When these 13 drones were in the …

  • Unidentified warplanes attack positions of pro-Iranian forces in Syria

    The aircraft of an unidentified country attacked the positions of armed groups of Shiite pro-Iranian militia on the border of Iraq and Syria near  the Syrian settlement of Al-Bohmal, reports Sky News Arabia citing its sources.

    Unmanned aerial vehicles reportedly had been used in the attack. The airstrike killed five militiamen and wounded nine others. The TV channel's interlocutor added that pro-Iranian forces began to take precautions. They place air defense systems near their positions and …

  • Media: Russian S-300 and S-400 air defense systems unable to detect Israeli warplanes flying over Syria

    Russian S-300 and S-400 missile systems, which are considered one of the most advanced air defense weapons in the world, failed to detect Israeli warplanes flying over Damascus.

    The Israeli news outlet NZIV, citing a number of military sources, published the flight route of the Israeli warplanes, which struck eastern Syria. As it turned out, the Israeli Air Force planes , which, according to some reports, were F-35s, not only entered the Syrian airspace, but also flew for almost several …