Kyiv seizes all assets of Russia’s Gazprom in Ukraine

All funds belonging to the Russian company, Gazprom, which were located in Ukraine, have been collected by the State, according to the Minister of Justice of Ukraine, Pavlo Petrenko, as reported by Ukrinform.

"I can say that the Justice Ministry will collect $6 billion from Gazprom in accordance with the decision of a Ukrainian court regarding a fine in our favor initiated by the Anti-Monopoly committee. We have already recovered some of the funds - an inventory of everything that Gazprom had in Ukraine was made, it was seized and recovered. This constitutes more than 100 million hryvnia ($3.8 mln) which was added to the Ukrainian budget," the Minister said.

According to Petrenko, his department will cooperate with colleagues on other decisions in order to force Russia to pay all existing debts to the penny.

"There is a corresponding instruction from Prime Minister Groysman, and we now have good prospects and achievements in implementing these decisions not only in Ukraine, but in other countries with which Ukraine has relevant agreements," the Minister of Justice said.

Speaking about the Stockholm arbitration decision, which on February 28th required Gazprom to pay Naftogaz $ 4.63 billion for the failure to supply agreed upon volumes of gas for transit, Petrenko noted that Naftogaz of Ukraine is now taking appropriate measures to launch the recovery process for these funds.

  Gazprom, Ukraine