American destroyer arrives at Ukrainian port of Odessa

The U.S. missile destroyer USS Porter (DDG-78) arrived at the port of Odessa on the morning on Sunday, July 8.At 10:30 am, it moored at the 16th berth of the port. This was reported by the publication Dumska.

The ship will participate in the annual Sea Breeze naval exercises.
A few months ago, the USS Porter carried out a military mission in the Mediterranean. Tomahawk cruise missiles were launched from the ship on Syrian infrastructure facilities.

The missile destroyer USS Porter (DDG-78) is 28th ship of the Arleigh Burke class in the U.S. Navy. The main armament of the destroyer consists of 90 missile launchers, which can launch anti-aircraft and anti-submarine missiles as well as Tomahawk cruise missiles. The ship’s armament is controlled by the Aegis system.

In 2013 the ship was upgraded, and it is now capable of carrying SM-3 missiles, which are designed to intercept ballistic missiles and have anti-satellite capacity against satellites in low-earth orbit.
The destroyer is named after a famous American family of naval officers, in particular Commander (captain second rank) David Porter and his son, Admiral David Dixon Porter. The former fought in the War of 1812 – a war between the United States and the United Kingdom – and the latter was the Superintendent of the U.S. Naval Academy (Annapolis) during the Civil War of 1861-1865.

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