Belarus hopes for lower priced Russian gas

Belarusian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Lyashenko said that Belarus expects that the price for Russian gas imports will be reduced in 2020, reports the BelTA news agency.

"For the coming year, we expecting to move towards lower prices, which we are negotiating about. We made our proposals," said Lyashenko. He noted that Belarus' ambassador to Russia Vladimir Semashko, as well as Belarusian Energy Ministry and Belneftekhim Gas Concern, are consolidating the work on the preparation of  oil and gas "roadmaps".

Lyashenko added that, according to his observations, "Russian side is not trying to recognize all our proposals and agreements directly and creates certain devious conditions. We want the presidents to say that we accept road maps, and there will be certain conditions. Therefore, questions are being worked out," said Belarusian Prime Minister.

The price of Russian gas for Belarus in 2019 is $127 per 1 thousand cubic meters.

In September, the Russian Minister of Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin said that Russia and Belarus are working on a "road map," which provides for the creation of a single gas market with Belarus. According to him, a total of 31 "road maps" are being developed, all of them covering different areas of the economy. The work is carried out according to the Treaty on the Creation of a Union State.

Earlier, the Belarusian Energy Minister Viktor Karankevich stated that the prices for Russian gas will be defined when the preparation of "road maps" will be completed.

  Belarus, Russia