Berlin calls on Moscow to stop attacks on Idlib

Berlin called on Moscow and Tehran to stop the planned attack on the Syrian government troops in the province of Idlib. “Russia and Iran have a special responsibility,” stated the official representative of the German government Steffen Seibert on Wednesday, September 12th. According to him, Moscow has enough influence on the Syrian government to prevent the catastrophe.

“The chances of a truce depend on Russia,” he indicated. A meeting of the foreign ministers of Germany, Heiko Mass and Sergey Lavrov is scheduled for Friday, September 14th, according to the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During the meeting, it is planned to discuss the situation in Syria and the efforts for peaceful resolution of the conflict in a country that is engulfed in civil war. Another topic on the agenda will be Ukraine.

Idlib remains the last province of Syria, under the rule of political forces opposing Bashar Assad, as well as Islamist extremists. Almost three million people live in the province. From the beginning of September, Damascus has been preparing a large-scale offensive on the province. According to international human rights and humanitarian organizations, it will have disastrous consequences for the inhabitants of the region.

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