Britain scrambles two fighter jets to intercept Russian bombers

British fighter jets intercepted two Russian bombers probing UK airspace, according to a statement made by the British Ministry of Defense. “RAF Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) Typhoon fighter aircraft scrambled from RAF Lossiemouth to monitor two Russian planes approaching UK airspace. The Russian Blackjacks long-range bombers were not talking to air traffic control, making them a hazard to all other aviation.,” said the Ministry of Defense in a statement.

British Typhoon fighter jets were sent out from a base in Lossiemouth in Scotland, and they escorted the Russian warplanes to the north.

“Russian bombers probing UK airspace is another reminder of the very serious military challenge that Russia poses us today. We will not hesitate to continually defend our skies from acts of aggression. Once again the rapid reactions of our RAF have demonstrated how vital our Armed Forces are in protecting Britain,” said the Minister of Defense Gavin Williamson.

Earlier, Japan scrambled 4 fighter aircraft due to Russian aviation. In August, British fighter jets intercepted Russian bombers over the Black Sea.

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