Classified information on Russian satellites leaked online

The administrative collapse of Roscosmos, the Russian space agency, is gaining momentum.

Following the theft of billions of rubles from construction projects and the disappearance of a senior manager abroad to avoid the consequences of an audit, classified information about the agency’s upcoming satellite launches has now been leaked on the internet.

The leak was reported to RIA Novosti by Saturn, a Roscosmos subsidiary that develops solar and rechargeable batteries.

The published information was taken from a company presentation that was given in Krasnodar in February.

“It was a certain message at a conference that was not meant to end up in the public domain,” lamented Sergey Likhonosov, chief lithium ion battery engineer at Saturn.

The leaked information includes the number of satellites, their names, the names of the companies designing them, and the launch dates.

The company believes it was illegal to publish this information. “We will take appropriate action against whoever posted it,” Likhonosov said.

  Russia, Roscosmos