European Parliament recommends appointing a special representative for Ukraine

The European Parliament adopted a resolution that recommends appointing a special representative of the European Union for Ukraine, who would deal with issues of the Crimea and Donbas, stated Volodymyr Ariev, the people's deputy of Ukraine and the head of the parliamentary delegation to the PACE.

“The European Parliament makes us happy the second day in a raw: a resolution with a recommendation to appoint an EU Special Representative for Ukraine has been adopted. The Special Representative will focus on the issues of the Crimea and Donbas. 5 years of persistent diplomacy of the President of Ukraine, the Foreign Ministry and the people's deputies who dealt with foreign affairs and European integration have now achieved quite specific results,” the deputy wrote on Facebook.

Ariev noted that the world diplomacy is currently showing resolute resistance to Russian aggression.

“Against the background of recent bills to counter the Russian Federation voted in the US Congress, the recent events indicate a huge shift in world diplomacy in the field of much more effective resistance to Russian aggression. Ukraine remains at the forefront of this struggle, therefore, the victory of the civilized world over darkness essentially depends on whether the quality of Ukraine’s foreign policy will remain high,” he said.

Earlier, the deputies of the European Parliament had supported a resolution assessing the relations between the EU and the Russian Federation. According to the document, Russia can no longer be considered a strategic partner of the EU.

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