European politicians call on Merkel to stop Nord Stream 2

Postimees news agency reports that 69 European parliamentarians and 20 politicians from the European Union countries have called on Merkel to review her policy on the German-Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream-2

“We ask you, Madam Chancellor, that your government reconsiders and changes its policy regarding Nord Stream 2. Stop slowing down the work related to the Gas Directive. Support the position of the European Commission and the European Parliament. Let Russia’s president know that Germany will stand by its EU partners and by Ukraine. Choose the European path, not the "Germany first" way, says a letter to Merkel.

According to the authors of the letter, by entrusting 80% of gas supplies to the Russian monopoly Gazprom, Germany will become even more dependent on Russia, which will cause great damage to the European Union’s energy security. Critics urged Merkel to listen to the Baltic countries, NATO and the United States.

“By acting shortsightedly, Germany flouts the principles of EU solidarity (...). Your government is not guided by the right priorities, Madam Chancellor. We ask you to change the course,” summarized the signatories.

Earlier, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that she does not have such a negative perception of Nord Stream II as Ukraine, but she favors the preservation of gas transit through it.

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