Former Monaco Justice Minister charged with corruption in Russian oligarch case

Philippe Narmino, former Director of Judicial Services of Monaco, has been charged with corruption in the case surrounding Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev, Europe1 reported on Thursday, citing the Monaco prosecution office.

Narmino has been accused of passive and active influence peddling and of disclosing investigation secrets. Previously it was reported that his wife and son had also been implicated.

On November 6, Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev was held for questioning. He is suspected of corruption and of influence peddling and complicity in these crimes. He was asked around 600 questions and then released after signing a pledge not to leave the country. Local police searched the oligarch’s villa and office, and confiscated documents, cellphones and computers.

In September 2017, the press published correspondence from the cellphone belonging to Rybolovlev’s lawyer, Tetiana Bersheda. The messages showed that Rybolovlev had used his connections to Monaco’s legal and judicial organs to influence the case in which he was suing the art dealer Yves Bouvier for overcharging him by as much as $1 billion for 37 paintings by early 20th century artists.

Narmino resigned from his position when it became known that Rybolovlev had frequently invited him to his estate in Switzerland.

The US Treasury Department has included Rybolovlev on its “Kremlin list” of entities connected to the Russian president who may by placed under sanctions.

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