Head of Russian Foreign Intelligence Service arrives in Belarus

Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Sergey Naryshkin met with Alexander Lukashenko in Minsk. Lukashenko thanked Naryshkin for the fact that Moscow provides information to Minsk on a regular basis.

"Thank you for the information that you regularly provide to our special services including me. We take it very seriously, and in this regard, we have a lot of joint work," TASS quoted Lukashenko as saying.

Lukashenko touched on the topic of the Union State in his conversation with Naryshkin.

"We do not hide that the situation around us is not easy, I mean the Union State of Russia and Belarus," Lukashenko said. He stressed that Belarus and Russia have few friends in this "crazy world" without giving examples.

Ahead of the visit, the head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service accused the United States of escalating tensions in Belarus.

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