Head of Ukraine’s ruling party expresses doubt for quick end of conflict in Donbas

The head of the Ukrainian party Servant of the People, Dmytro Razumkov, said in an interview with nv.ua news outlet, that even though the newly elected Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine is expected to end the military conflict in the Donbas soon, it won't be possible to achieve results quickly.

According to Razumkov, the Parliament is not responsible for such decisions. "This is a long way that the whole country must go, all of us together," said Razumkov.

In early August Razumkov said that the return of peace to the Donbas is the main task for the country. Thus, he noted that it wouldn't be possible to solve this problem through the laws. In response to the question about the special status of the Donbas, which is part of the legislative power, Razumkov promised to discuss it in the Verkhovna Rada but noted, that the main concern is the end of the conflict.

Early parliamentary elections in Ukraine were held on July 21. 43.16% voted for Servant of the People, and that gave the party the majority in the  Ukrainian Parliament. As a result, the Servant of the People will form a government alone. In July, Servant of the People named Razumkov as a possible speaker of Ukrainian Parliament.

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