Kaspersky Lab intends to change work strategy in US

The Russian company Kaspersky Lab does not plan to leave the US market, but will change its development strategy, stated the company's CEO, Eugene Kaspersky, RIA Novosti reports.

"We are shifting our activities from one point to another, developing a sales network…we want to be closer to our customers," he said.

Kaspersky claims that the sales of programs to US government agencies brought in "almost zero". According to him, they were important from the standpoint of prestige.

Sources close to Kaspersky Lab earlier told The Bell website that the company's division in the US would be closed in the near future. The office of Kaspersky Government Security Solutions Inc. in Washington was engaged in state contracts, and after the ban the company may no longer be needed, the source said. The company has two more offices in the US, where mostly engineers work.

US authorities banned state agencies from using Kaspersky Lab's products beginning September 13. They were deemed unsafe because of alleged connections between the company's CEO and Russian Special Services.

The company's press arm said that they are ready to provide all necessary information to the US Department of Homeland Security to prove that the charges are groundless.

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