Ukrainian Foreign Minister: Russia started a war against the civilized world

During a working visit to Brussels, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin called on the European partners to give a joint response to an unconventional but real war waged by the Russian Federation against the civilized world, as reported on the website of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports.

On Monday, March 19, Klimkin attended a discussion at the Center for European Policy, "Building a Secure and Resilient Ukraine: Progress and Challenges." The speakers of the event included former NATO Secretary General and current Chairman of "Rasmussen Global" Anders Fogh Rasmussen and the Chair of the European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee, David McAllister.

Klimkin stressed in his speech that Ukraine continues its European integration efforts and comprehensive reforms of the country in the face of the Russian Federation’s hybrid aggression. According to Klimkin, recent events in the UK are "a wake-up call for the civilized world."
"Russia is not going to stop and is already carrying out bold chemical attacks in Europe, therefore we should double our efforts to build a secure environment in the EU and neighboring countries," he noted.

"We often hear that Putin crossed this or that ‘red line’. There are no ‘red lines’ for Russia any longer. Forget it. Russia has waged an unconventional but quite real war against democratic institutions and the civilized world. We must give a coordinated response to these threats," Klimkin stressed.

Earlier, British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson called on NATO and the EU to exert joint influence over Russia.


  Klimkin, Russia