Klimkin: Russian diplomats in Ukraine are working for Kremlin intelligence services

Speaking at the 7th Euro-Atlantic Forum in Kyiv, Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin said that he is sure that almost all Russian diplomats in Ukraine are working for Russian intelligence services.

 “Regarding the [Russian] consuls. We reduced their number here in Ukraine. We kicked out everyone who worked for the service. In fact, almost all of them work for intelligence services. Our diplomatic relations are only in the virtual space, here we have Russian intelligence services and there they have our consuls,” said Klimkin.

The Minister also added that Ukraine experience a shortage of consuls in Russia, where almost 3 million Ukrainians reside.

“There are not enough [Ukrainian] consuls and they are [all] very busy dealing with political prisoners,” he said.

On Sunday the Swiss newspaper Sonntags-Zeitung wrote that according to the local security agencies, about one in four Russian diplomats in Switzerland in an active or former employee of the security services of the Russian Federation. The Russian embassy in Switzerland called this report unjustified.

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