Kremlin summons Moldovan ambassador over Moldova’s demands for withdrawal of Russian troops from Transnistria

The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the Ambassador of Moldova, Andrei Neguţa, to a meeting with Deputy Minister Sergey Ryabkov, reported Dozhd  TV channel .

According to the report, the ambassador was summoned because of  the initiative of the Moldovan authorities to include an additional item "Complete withdrawal of foreign armed forces from the territory of Moldova" on the agenda of the UN General Assembly.

The ministry said that they consider this step as "another one in the series of unfriendly actions recently taken in Chisinau by opponents of positive changes in Russian-Moldovan relations." It will have a negative impact on relations between countries and the process of the Transnistrian settlement, the Foreign Ministry believes.
In July the Moldovan parliament adopted a declaration on the withdrawal of Russian troops from Transnistria. Their presence was recognized as a threat to the sovereignty, integrity and independence of the country. Transnistria proclaimed "independence" from Moldova in 1990. Later, an "operational group" of Russian troops was deployed to the territory of the republic "to carry out peacekeeping activities."


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