Kremlin to reinforce 58th Army in southern Russia

The Russian Ministry of Defense has begun to reorganize the primary strike force in the south of Russia, the 58th Army. Two new motorized rifle divisions will be created at the army’s base by the end of the year. This was reported by Izvestiya, citing a source in the Defense Ministry.

The new divisions will be created on the basis of the existing 19th and 136th Separate Motor Rifle Brigades through the addition of new battalions and regiments.

The 19th Krasnoznamensk Voronezh-Shumlensk Motor Rifle Brigade of the Order the Red Banner of Labor and the Order of Suvorov 2nd class will become a division. Several military towns in the vicinity of Vladikavkaz will be renovated and restored in order to house the units of the new divisions. A new garrison will also be stationed in Mozdok.

The 136th Uman-Berlin Krasnoznamensk Motor Rifle Brigade of the Orders of Suvorov, Kutuzov and Bohdan Khmelnytsky, stationed in the Dagestan Buynaksk, will also be transformed into a division with new garrisons. A base in the village of Botlikh will serve the needs of the division.

The new divisions will be armed with the latest equipment, including BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles and T-72BZ tanks.

Izvestiya believes that the 58th army is being reinforced in order to deter threats from NATO.

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