Kremlin warns of ‘toughest response’ if Russian investments in Venezuela are threatened

Russian Ambassador to Caracas Vladimir Zaemski promised that Moscow's response to attempts of depriving the Russian companies of their investments in Venezuela would be "very tough." The Russian diplomat explained that the actions of Washington and not the Venezuelan government put Russian investments in Venezuela at risk.

“But they [the risks to Russian investments in Venezuela] are caused, as the example of CITGO clearly demonstrated, by the behavior of Washington and not the Venezuelan government,” said Zaemski in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Zaemski emphasized that all Russian investment projects passed the relevant approvals established by Venezuelan law and international law, therefore they are protected. “In case of attempts to take away Russian companies’ investments to the country's economy, we will respond in the toughest possible way, using every available means of international law,” promised Zaemski.

In late January, the United States announced sanctions against the Venezuelan oil company PDVSA, blocking $7 billion in assets and interests in the US and restricting efforts to conduct business in the US. PDVSA owns one of the largest refiners in the United States, Citgo.

In March, President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro ordered the closure of the office of the state oil company PDVSA in Lisbon, Portugal. Its representative office will be moved to the Russian capital.

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