Kyiv refuses to extradite to Moscow Russian citizen who fought for Ukraine

The Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine refused to extradite to Russia a member of Right Sector, whom Kremlin wants to prosecute for participating in hostilities in Ukraine, stated the Press Secretary of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine, Larysa Sarhan.

Sarhan said the Russia's request was denied by Yevhenii Yenin, Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine. "Today, Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yevhenii Yenin decided to refuse Russia's request to extradite a member of Right Sector who is subject to criminal prosecution in Russia for taking part in the war for independence of Ukraine. As Yenin promised, none of the volunteers will ever be given into the aggressor's hands,” Sarhan wrote.

In December, Russian authorities sentenced to three and a half years Russian activist Denis Bakholdin  for allegedly having ties with the Ukrainain Right Sector.

  Ukraine, Russia