Kyiv: separatists sent fake later to OSCE presumably on behalf of the residents demanding that Ukraine withdraw from the village of Hladosove in Donbas

The Ukrainian side of the Joint Center on Control and Coordination or JCCC reports that representatives of separatist-held territories of Ukraine fabricated a letter allegedly from residents of Hladosove to the first deputy head of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission, Alexander Hug, regarding the illegal seizure of territory by Ukrainian servicemen.

"The separatist media released information stating that the residents of the town Hladosove settlement had sent an open letter to the first deputy head of the OSCE SMM in Ukraine, Alexander Hug. In their appeal, the ‘resident of the settlement’ urged the OSCE representative to record the ‘fact’ of the illegal seizure of territory and actions of Ukrainian servicemen who allegedly arrested a part of the civilian population and took them to an unknown location," the Ukrainian JCCC posted on Facebook on Saturday.

However, as representatives of Ukraine noted, surveys of local residents showed that the signatories of this appeal never resided in the mentioned settlement. "Even without specialized graphology expertise, it can be seen that the signatures are all made by one person," the JCCC notes.

The actions of the separatist leadership in fabricating such messages are regarded by the Ukrainians as attempts to shift responsibility for the worsening of the situation in the Donbas to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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