Large European delegation to arrive in the Crimea in April

A large delegation of European politicians, notably from Germany and Austria, will arrive in April in annexed Crimea. Andrei Nazarov, the head of the fund board YIEF said that they would participate in the Yalta International Economic Forum or YIEF.

He added, "The largest delegation from Germany and Austria is planning to visit the upcoming YIEF. More than 50 politicians, businessmen, public figures and experts will take part in business and cultural events of the forum."

According to Nazarov, the delegation will include deputies of the European Parliament and the German National Parliament. "Representatives of German political parties Alternative for Germany and The Left confirmed their intentions, as well as parliamentarians from Freedom Party of Austria," Nazarov said, adding that the members of the European Parliament are expected at the forum.

As forum’s website states, the main topic of discussion during the visit will be lifting of sanctions and restoring Russia's relations with Germany and Austria. The Yalta International Economic Forum will be held on April 19-21.

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