Lithuania bans Kaspersky antivirus

On Thursday, December 21, Lithuania banned the use of anti-virus programs produced by the Russian company Kaspersky Lab on computers of government agencies and private companies.

Specifically, this has to do with computers that manage the energy, financial, and transport infrastructure sectors, reports Deutsche Welle.

Reuters news agency quotes the statement from the Lithuanian government which said that that using Kaspersky software can threaten national security. In response, the Russian company announced that it will look into the possibility of a legal appeal against the Lithuanian government’s decision.

As reported, Kaspersky products were banned for use in government offices in the United States. The Russian company is suspected of having links with the FSB. The company denies this.

Additionally, in the UK, NCSC, which is responsible for security in the IT field, warned the country’s ministries against the use of Russian antivirus programs.

  Kaspersky Lab, Lithuania