Lukashenko ‘finds’ U.S. Intelligence centers in Warsaw and Kyiv

Alexander Lukashenko said the U.S. Intelligence has deployed its control center near Warsaw and Kyiv. The canters were allegedly discovered by the Russian and Belarusian intelligence services, reported BelTA agency.

"The U.S. - they created a center near Warsaw, and now they have created a center in Kyiv. Well, I would say, but us and the Russians, our intelligence agencies  did their job and found these centers. Not a single Pole is there. These are all Americans - smart, talented, capable people," Lukashenko said.

He added that U.S. agents, using the Internet, modern technology, "rock the whole planet." "Here you created it, you rocked the planet, you interfered in other people's choices. Fir them, you know, Belarus is like a bone in the throat, it is necessary to crush it. It's not going to work!" he said.

In September, Lukashenko informed Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin about the intercepted conversation between Warsaw and Berlin allegedly showing that German Chancellor Merkel's statements about Navalny’s poisoning are falsifications. Lukashenko promised to hand over the recording to Russian special services. Later, the Belarus TV channel published a recording of the "negotiations."

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