Maduro receives humanitarian aid from Russia

TASS reports that Venezuela accepted a shipment with medicine and medical equipment that was sent through the World Health Organization by Russia as humanitarian aid. 

The cargo was handed over at the airport of Caracas by the Russian Ambassador to Venezuela Vladimir Zaemsky. According to him, humanitarian assistance to Venezuela will continue to be provided "in a civilized way through relevant international organizations". 

Venezuela’s Deputy Minister of Health, Gerardo Briceno, clarified that there are enough medicine and equipment for hospitals for at least 15 days. 

At the same time, President Nicolas Maduro is blocking deliveries of humanitarian aid to the country from the USA. The military blocked the road leading to the border of Colombia, on which the cargo could get into the country. Maduro also ordered the closure of the border with Brazil and is considering the closure of the border with Colombia. Earlier, on his orders, the air and sea borders with the islands of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao were closed. 

In turn, the leader of the Venezuelan opposition, Juan Guaido, announced plans to deliver humanitarian aid through the Caribbean island of Curacao on February 23.

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