Media: Foreign athletes refuse to take part in sport events in Crimea

Foreigners are refusing to participate in the Cliff Diving World Cup in the Russian-annexed Crimea. Thus, Colombian diver Orlando Duque and Mexican diver Jonathan Paredes will not come to the peninsula because of warnings issued by Ukraine, as reported by RIA Crimea citing the competition’s organizers.

"In 2014, we encountered a similar situation when we held downhill competitions, so this year we tried not to advertise our event for as long as possible, although it is decreases participation and attendance. But we realized that the earlier we start advertising, the more chances that Ukraine will begin to actuate. We ventured and won, because while they prepared the letter and appealed to the sponsors of the athletes, everyone already had visas, tickets, and confirmations," said the organizer of the event, Henri Kanunov.

He specified that the reason for the refusal was Ukraine’s appeal to the sponsors of the athletes. He also added that two more athletes would not be able to take part in the competition allegedly because of health problems.

The Kremlin-controlled authorities regularly invite representatives of foreign states to visit the Crimea. 

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry warns foreign citizens and stateless persons against illegal trips to the Crimea.

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