Moldova refused entry to Russian delegation

The delegation from Russia that was scheduled to take part in a business forum was not allowed to enter Moldova, reports ZDG news website.

The press service of the Moldovan Border Police reported that on the morning of November 22, ten citizens of the Russian Federation were refused entry into the country because they could not explain the reason for their visit or provide the documents that would confirm their participation in the forum.

The mayor of the city of Bălți, Renato Usatii stated that the Russian delegation members were going to participate in the forum “Moscow–Bălți–Moldova."

"Everyone is aware of the cooperation between the Mayor’s Office of Bălți and cities from different countries. I have signed cooperation agreements with Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg, and Moscow. The Moscow government has taken the initiative at their own expense — everyone knows the situation with our Moldovan budget — to hold a business cooperation forum in Bălți. The delegation was composed of government officials from Moscow; about 10 people were expected to arrive," Usatii noted. He said that the ban on entry of the Russian delegation was an outrage.

This is not the most recent incident involving detained Russians. Earlier, at the beginning of November, two historians from Russia who came to participate in a scientific conference were detained in Chisinau airport.

  Moldova, Russia