NATO forces withdraw from Kosovo border with Serbia

NATO military personnel from the International Peacekeeping Force in Kosovo (KFOR) left the Gazivoda Lake reservoir on the border with Serbia on Sunday, August 5, where they were stationed for over thirteen hours.

According to local media, there are no more vehicles and NATO soldiers on the access roads to the reservoir and hydroelectric power station. They resumed patrolling the main road in Zubin Potok and the northern part of Kosovo.

KFOR explained to reporters that regular exercises were conducted in the reservoir region. Several dozen soldiers and nine combat vehicles participated. KFOR command assured that the maneuvers were scheduled and that the capture and control of Gazivoda Lake reservoir was not planned.

Earlier, the intention of the Serbs to declare autonomy was discussed at a meeting of the Kosovo Security Council on August 3. NATO-led international forces, responsible for ensuring stability in Kosovo, were put into high readiness state.

Belgrade reported that the Kosovo Security Force was planning a secret invasion of the uncontrolled north of Kosovo with the support of the United States and NATO. 

A meeting of the Serbia Security Council was held on August 4, where the President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi asked his fellow citizens not to respond to any provocations.

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