Ukraine to take part in NATO military exercises Agile Spirit 2018 held in Georgia

Ukrainian soldiers will take part in the exercises Agile Spirit 2018 which has begun in Georgia, reported by the press service of the Georgian Defense Ministry.

237 servicemen from the United States, Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia, Greece, Turkey, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Georgia, and Ukraine take part in these exercises.

NATO countries and partners of the Alliance, as well as US Marine Corps, participate in the drills which will be held at the Georgian military base Senaki and led by the European Command of the Armed Forces of Georgia.

The purpose of the exercise is to prepare military brigades to respond to crisis situations and cooperate with the NATO Rapid Reaction Task Force in joint operations.

The military exercises will be completed by September 11th, 2018.

Earlier, it was reported that Ukraine has agreed with NATO on a trust fund for neutralizing explosives in Donbas. The head of the environmental safety and mine action department, Maksim Komissarov said that the agreement is drafted with the cooperation of NATO countries.

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