NATO mission arrives in Kyiv to assess reforms

Another mission from NATO has arrived in Ukraine to assess the country’s progress in the national program to prepare for alliance membership, Ukraine’s Mission to NATO announced in a statement.

According to the statement, experts from the mission will meet with representatives of nearly all the central organs of executive government which are involved in the annual national program that serves as the basis of Ukraine’s preparation for alliance membership. The mission will operate in Kyiv between November 6 and 8. At the end of the visit, commission members will prepare recommendations regarding the implementation of the program, and present these at a session for NATO member states. This is the second visit by alliance functionaries to Ukraine in recent times.

“Not even a week has passed since a mission from NATO’s North Atlantic Council visited Ukraine, and Kyiv is already receiving a visit from another NATO delegation, this time on the expert level,” the Ukrainian mission observed in its statement.

It also notes that on December 11, the year’s final session of the Ukraine-NATO commission will be held at NATO headquarters to summarize the final outcome of the integration program this year and to outline new transformations for next year.

After visiting Ukraine last week, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg promised that “NATO’s doors remain open to Ukraine”, but noted that numerous reforms need to be carried out before the country can become part of the alliance.

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