Free Syrian Army withdraws from negotiations in Geneva

Representatives of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) are suspending their work in the delegation of the High Negotiations Committee (HNC) due to the absence of progress in the conflict resolution process. This was announced in a statement distributed by FSA representatives on Thursday.

“The reason for the suspension of our participation in the Geneva talks is the lack of strategic vision for the negotiation process,” the announcement states.

The FSA represents the largest united armed opposition group in Syria which previously supported the HNC.

On May 18, HNC delegation leader Nasr al-Hariri accused the Syrian government of failing to comply with the truce. Throughout a round of negotiations whose primary subject was meant to be the initiative to create a consultation mechanism for constitutional matters, the HNC discussed the situation, with representatives of the local councils of Idlib, Homs and the suburbs of Damascus where, according to the opposition, the fighting continues.

The round of inter-Syrian negotiations in Geneva ends on May 19. Individual parties within the HNC have already made statements about suspension of participation due to dissatisfaction with the situation during previous rounds.

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