General Electric ready to work with Ukrainian Railways

The American corporation General Electric is ready to offer the Ukrainian state railway company, Ukrzaliznytsia, new rolling stock and upgrades for existing stock. reports that the new opportunity was announced by the head of GE in Russia and CIS, Gokhan Bayhan.

"We offer Ukrzaliznytsia new rolling stock and upgrades to existing ones. We are ready to provide our most advanced technologies," Bayhan stressed. The representative of the U.S. corporation also noted that General Electric is ready to provide financial solutions worked out by North American affiliates.

Among the conditions asked by General Electric are a level playing field and the removal of bureaucratic obstacles. "We have been discussing various projects, but it is time for action. Take Kazakhstan railways as an example. We completely modernized it and made it more economical and efficient. We are ready to use this model in Ukraine, but we must act quickly," Bayhan said.

General Electric is a major American corporation, a manufacturer of many types of equipment, including locomotives, power plants, gas turbines and aircraft engines. As of 2015, the company was ninth on the Forbes Global list of largest public companies and was the world's largest non-financial multinational corporation and a large media corporation. It was 13th in market capitalization in the Financial Times rankings in 2015.

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