Georgian media: Russian military has moved the Abkhazian border

Russian Federation representatives in Abkhazia have moved a banner designating the border by 500 meters once again, to the outskirts of the villages of Bershuti and Sobisi.

As Georgia Online reports, citing David Tsertsvadze, the representative of the head of the Gori municipality Governing Council, the incident has occurred twice in the territory over the past two days.
It is noted that the boundary limitation is established on the land plots of local residents.

As a result of the demarcation, the inhabitants of the village of Bershuti have limited access to several hectares of arable and sown area. Previously, border guards detained two members of a family living in one of the villages, and prohibited them from working in the designated area.

In 2016, wooden poles were installed at the place of delineation, and local residents were not given the opportunity to harvest.

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