Indonesia receives armored personnel carriers that were purchased from Ukraine

On 28 September in the Indonesian port of Tanjung Priok (Jakarta), a test batch of four BTR-4M armored personnel carriers, specially designed for the Marine Corps of Indonesia and manufactured by the stated-owned company Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau (KMDB), were unloaded from the cargo ship, Texel, which arrived from Ukraine, as reported on the ‘Made in Ukraine’ Facebook page.

It is noted that two of the four BTR-4 armored personnel carriers delivered to Indonesia are equipped with two standard combat modules, the BM-7 Parus with ZTM-1 30-mm automatic cannons which are standard for vehicles of that family and the Barrier anti-tank system, and another two, which for the first time are equipped with combat modules including 127-mm guns.

“The Ministry of Defende of Indonesia signed a contract for the purchase of a batch of five BTR-4 units to be manufactured as a specialized amphibious variant of the BTR-4M at the end of February 2014. All five cars were produced at the KMDB in the first half of 2016. The ship, Texel, with all four BTR-4M’s on deck, sailed from the port of Oktyabrsk in Ukraine at the end of July 2016. It has now delivered to Indonesia four BTR-4Ms, which first must complete testing, then after which they will be transferred to the Indonesian Marine Corps for further testing. Another PC-4M was ordered and continues to undergo tests in Ukraine,” the statement reads.

After signing the contract for the contract of the specified five BTR – 4M’s another 50 armored personnel carriers are expected to be purchased for the Marine Corps in the future.

  Ukraine, Indonesia