Kremlin: Russia will not be able to partner with West in fight against terrorism while under sanctions

According to Franz Klintsevich, Russia’s First Deputy of the Federation Council on the Defense and Security Committee, the Group of Seven’s statement on its readiness to intensify anti-Russian sanctions means that these nations do not really intend to fight international terrorism, because under such conditions Russia will not be able to partner with the West in this area, and without its participation, the fight against terrorism is not possible.

“Today the leaders of G7, having expressed their readiness to intensify the sanctions against Russia, have essentially admitted that they do not intend to truly oppose international terrorism. Without Russia this plan is absolutely doomed to failure,” the senator’s press service cites him as saying.

“But a ‘sanctioned’ Russia objectively cannot be the West’s partner. If we took it upon ourselves, we would be completely capable of ensuring Russia’s safety on our own,” Klintsevich observed.

According to the final declaration made on Saturday at the summit in Taormina, the Group of Seven said that it is prepared to tighten the sanctions on Russia if it does not comply with the Minsk agreements, which are related to the resolution of the crisis in Ukraine.

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