Media: North Korea created new 'special tactical' troops

In addition to land, naval, air and strategic forces, the DPRK has created a new type of armed forces that they have named “special tactical troops,” reported the Yonhap agency.

An analysis of North Korean newspaper reports about the military parade in Pyongyang on April 15 showed that a new term has appeared in the DPRK that it alleges has never existed before. The Rodong Sinmun newspaper wrote that columns of “naval, air-force and anti-aircraft, strategic and special tactical troops of the Korean People's Army” were marching along Kim Il-Sung Square.

South Korean analysts have deduced that North Korea's special tactical troops are as numerous as its Air Force or Navy.

Soldiers of these troops, according to the broadcast of North Korean TV, marched with dark sunglasses and faces blackened with make-up. They were armed with new rifle grenade launchers and helmets with night vision devices on their heads.

Yonhap quotes experts as saying that creation of a new kind of armed forces is probably aimed at confronting the U.S. and South Korean Special Forces that conduct exercises to destroy the Pyongyang leadership in case of war.

Colonel-General Kim Young Bock is presumed to command the special tactical troops of the KPA.

Seoul noted that it is not the first time that the DPRK created special troops to parade in front of a worldwide audience. In 2012, Seoul first announced the creation of strategic missile forces and in 2013, strategic military forces were created.

It was also during a military parade that North Korea first showcased its submarine-launched nuclear missiles.

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