Media: Three EU countries are hindering the extension of sanctions against Russia

The European Union is ready to approve the extension of economic sanctions against Russia, but this process is hindered by France, Sweden, and the UK, which haven't yet agreed on this issue in their National Parliaments, Ukrinform reported with reference to a high-ranking EU diplomat.

“This week, Ambassadors approved political decision to extend sanctions against Russia for subsequent years. The EU, presided by the Netherlands, seeks to complete this process on Friday at a meeting of the EU Council on General Affairs. However, this issue wasn’t included on the agenda because it is unknown whether the French Government will have time to agree on this decision with its Parliament,” Ukrinform's source said.

All 28 EU Governments supported the extension of sanctions against Russia on the 21st of June but three countries – France, the United Kingdom and Sweden -- used the procedure of so-called Parliamentary reserve that require the National Parliaments to approve the decision.

According to European diplomats, there is no problem in London and Stockholm concerning the issue on the extension of sanctions because the procedure of the so-called Parliamentary reserve is purely formal and should be completed by the end of the week.

Moreover, diplomats note that such a development of events is a normal decision-making process for EU states. 

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