Mother of Russian soldier detained in the Donbas has arrived in Ukraine

The mother of the Russian serviceman Viktor Ageyev, who was detained as part of a sabotage group near Zholobok on June 24, has arrived in Ukraine, wrote the correspondent of Novaya Gazeta, Pavel Kanygin, accompanying her on the trip.

"Today, on July 21, at about 1 pm, Svetlana Viktorovna Ageyeva and I entered Ukraine by train. We are going to a meeting with representatives of the Ukrainian state, who have promised to escort us to Svetlana's son, Viktor Ageyev," he said.

"We did not enter directly through Russia, because the corporal's mother does not have a foreign passport. We were very much afraid that our internal, Russian border guards would not let her pass. The Ukrainian border guards knew that Svetlana had no foreign documents with her. The Ukrainian side agreed, as an exception, to take Svetlana Viktorovna on an internal Russian passport," Kanygin said.

Ageyev is being kept in the Starobilsk jail. He and three other militants, who were taken prisoner with him, were selected as a preventive measure for committing a "terrorist act". The other prisoners are Sievierodonetsk natives Daniil Gladkov and Andrei Stoyanov, as well as Luhansk resident Bogdan Wenger. The case is being investigated as a "Terrorist Act" by the Investigation Department of the Security Service (SBU) of the Luhansk Region; the Military Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine has procedural control over it.

On June 24 near the town of Zholobok, in the Luhansk region, Ukrainian Armed Forces killed two and captured four militants. Among the dead was the commander of the subversive group, Russian cadre officer Alexander Shcherbak. Ageyev was among the prisoners.

Viktor Ageyev has confirmed himself that he is a military contractor of the Russian Armed Forces; his mother, friends, and former colleagues have also confirmed that fact. After his most recent service, he remained serving in the Russian army under a contract that he signed in March 2017. Four days later, he was sent to the Donbas.

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