NATO begins large-scale exercises in Latvia

NATO Summer Shield exercises will start in Latvia on April 17th. More than 1,200 soldiers, including 200 from Estonian military, will take part in them, reported the Headquarters of the Estonian Defense Forces.

More than 200 Estonian soldiers will take part in the NATO Summer Shield exercises, which will be held in Latvia at the training camp in Adazi from April 17th to 30th, the report said.

The Summer Shield international military exercises will be held at the Adazi training ground and adjacent territory. More than 1,200 soldiers from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, USA, Canada, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Germany and Sweden will participate in the exercises.

During the exercises, soldiers will train for artillery support, air defense and reconnaissance, counteraction to weapons of mass destruction, anti-tank defense, and military engineering operations.
Summer Shied exercises have been held in Latvia since 2004.

In February 2017, 225 US servicemen from the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team of the US Army arrived in Latvia. At the beginning of March, five American Blackhawk helicopters were brought to Latvia.

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