Nuland: The US will continue to provide Ukraine with military assistance and training

The US will continue to provide Ukraine with military assistance, including training military personnel at the Yavorov training site in the Lvov region, as reported by the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland.

She noted that Washington has already provided $226 million in support to Kiev "in the security arena." Moreover, American specialists trained 1,200 soldiers from the Armed Forces and 750 military personnel of the National Guard of Ukraine.

In particular, the Ukrainian army has been provided with 130 Humvee military vehicles, 585 night vision devices, over 300 radio transmitters, 20 radars for artillery and enemy suppression and over 100 other vehicles. Through the end of 2016, the US also plans to train additional Ukrainian boarder guards, regular military personnel and the coast guard to help Ukraine ensure the security of its borders.

  Ukraine, USA, military assistance