Parliament of German city could vote to lift sanctions on Russia

The Left Faction of the Parliament of the German city of Quakenbrück (Lower Saxony) has submitted a request to recognize the Crimea as part of Russia and abolish the anti-Russian sanctions as reported by the Chairman of the Left Parliamentary Faction, Andreas Maurer, during his visit to the Russian-occupied Crimea, RIA Novosti reports.

"We can ask the same questions that were raised in Italy. I thought I should to turn to my colleagues in eastern Germany, as they have the most votes in parliament, to make such a request. In Parliament, I will put this question clearly, although we have no majority there," Maurer said during a press conference in the Crimean Press Center of the international information agency Russia Today.

The German politician argues that the adoption of this proposal will allow for a platform for discussion and an opportunity for argument," and will also give an opportunity to "show the face of other parties." According to Maurer, the anti-Russian sanctions and the loss of the Russian markets has led to a "catastrophic situation" in the German agricultural sector.

The delegation of German businessmen and politicians of about 60 people are now in the Russian-annexed Crimea. Moreover, according to German legislation, the local parliaments have no legal impact on the sanctions process and can only express a political position.

Earlier it was reported that the regional councils of Lombardy, Liguria and Tuscany may recognize the annexation of Crimea after the resolution has been approved by the Council of Venice.

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