Poll: Russians are becoming less sympathetic towards Putin

Residents of Russia have become less sympathetic to Vladimir Putin, but continue to treat him with confidence, according to a study conducted by the Levada Center and published on their website on Monday, August 8, 2016.

According to the researchers, in July of this year, 29% of respondents said that they have a sympathetic attitude towards Putin. In March 2016, 30% of the population agreed with this sentiment and in March, 2015, 37%. The people of Russia had the greatest sympathy for the President in March 2008, with 41% of the respondents expressing this sentiment. The number of people feeling indifferent towards Putin increased as well. In July of this year it was 17% and in March 2015, this figure was 10%.

58% of respondents stated they rather trust the President now, in March 2015 57% said they trusted the President and in July 2000, 58%. According to the current survey, 20% of respondents fully trust Putin, while in March 2015, 21% expressed this sentiment, and in July 2000, only 14%.

Among the main achievements of Vladimir Putin during his tenure, respondents indicated improving the capacity and reforms of the Armed Forces (14%) and the strengthening of Russia's international positions (11%). Regarding the question of Putin’s failures, 29% of respondents said that the fight against corruption and bribery, and 27% said the lack of an increase of citizens’ standard of living, growth of salaries and pensions.

The Levada Center survey consisted of 1,600 people aged 18 years-old and up in 137 localities throughout the 48 regions of Russia.

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