Research group finds Russian trace in cyber attacks in Ukraine, Turkey, and Germany

A group of researchers, ThreatConnect, which deals with cyber security, examined the hacking of an electronic database of voters and came to the conclusion that the cyber-attacks in Ukraine, Turkey, and Germany were made from the same IP-address, and the coding of the attackers is typical for Russian hackers, Voice of America reports.

According to researchers, “There are several indicators in the way this crime was committed that are typical of Russian hackers.” According to them, earlier the FBI released information in the U.S.A. with a list of all the IP-addresses that were used for committing cyber-attacks and directed security staff to monitor for signs of hacking into systems using the same pattern.

Finally, it was found that one of the IP-addresses,, was the same address used in committing attacks in Ukraine, Turkey, and Germany. At the same time the hacking campaign “has signs that are typical among Russian hackers.”

Earlier, at the end of July, a presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, accused Russia of hacking the Party’s servers.

  cyber attack, Russia