Russia confirms death of an officer in Syria

Russian military adviser Major Sergey Bordov was killed in Syria as a result of an attack by militants on a military garrison of government troops. This was reported by Interfax, citing the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The serviceman was part of a group of Russian military advisers who were training a unit of Syrian troops. “When the militants attacked, the Russian officer directed the Syrian soldiers, not allowing the terrorists to enter the residential area. During the battle, the officer was fatally wounded,” the department stated.

The man has been nominated for an award by the state.

The Russian Ministry of Defense also stated that the reports in Western media about the death of two Russian servicemen in Syria are not true.

Earlier, Reuters reported that two Russian servicemen and two Syrian soldiers were killed. This was based on comments by retired sailor Vyacheslav Pavlyuchenko, who served with Bodrov, and a source close to the Black Sea Fleet command. According to Pavlyuchenko, two years ago the deceased officer was the commander of a reconnaissance unit. He did not know in what capacity the man had served in Syria. “He is one of the most senior Russian officers to die in Syria,” noted the news agency.

According to Reuters, on April 21st the body of the deceased officer will be delivered to the military unit in which he served, and the funeral will be held on Saturday in his hometown of Simferopol.

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