Russia expresses indignation over Canadian military assistance to Ukraine

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation expressed indignation over the Canadian extension of military assistance to Ukraine, in particular the training of Ukrainian military personnel by Canadian instructors. The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, announced this at a briefing.

"We also took with serious concern the decision of Canada to extend the military mission in Ukraine. Within its framework, Canadian instructors on Ukrainian training grounds are engaged in the so-called training of Ukrainian servicemen for subsequent dispatch to the Donbas, “ said Zakharova.

According to her, such decisions of the Government of Canada are "extremely dangerous" and hinder the "political settlement".

"Moreover, according to the information available to us, it [the assistance] is not limited to the instructors. Canadians have begun to supply ammunition for the Armed Forces of Ukraine," Zakharova added. She said that instead of "putting pressure on Kyiv, compelling it to fully fulfill its obligations under the Minsk agreements, Ottawa plays along with the supporters of a forceful solution of the situation in the Donbas and condones the continuation of bloodshed." The representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry also said that the consequences of such a policy "will be on the conscience" of Canadians.

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