Russia will not provide explanation to NATO about Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad

Russia will not give a report to NATO about the deployment of Iskander missile systems in Kaliningrad, said Andrei Kelin, Director of the Russian Foreign Ministry's European Cooperation Department as reported by RIA Novosti.

 “There will be no report at the upcoming Russia-NATO Council (RNC),” said Kelin in response to a question about an article in Spiegel.

Spiegel reporters wrote that at the Russia-NATO council, Brussels will require an explanation from Moscow about why the Iskander missile systems are in Kaliningrad.

“There is not going to be a report, there will be no discussions about this,” said Kelin. “During the RNC, the participants will discuss the most pressing issues that concern both sides,” he added.

Russia, the diplomat added, “is concerned about deployments that are now taking place in the West, especially in the Baltic States, where in the spring, battalions will be stationed in Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania on a rotational basis.” According to him, NATO is concerned about military exercises conducted by Russia, “particularly exercises in the West, in the Caucasus, and those that are taking place in Crimea.”

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