Syrian authorities believe that Special Forces from three different countries could enter the country

The possibility of invasion by Special Forces of the United States, Britain and Jordan in the southern province of Daraa under the pretext of fighting terrorism is causing fear among the Syrian authorities, the newspaper Izvestia newspaper reported on Friday, citing sources in Syrian military.

“According to available information, preparations are being made for such an invasion under the pretext of combating ISIS,” one of the sources told Izvestia.

Izvestia’s sources believe that it is important for the US to secure its presence in this strategic area and also to try to form a buffer zone to separate Syria and the Golan Heights. This will serve as an additional incentive for the armed opposition, which, after the American missile attack on the Syrian airbase, no longer sees an urgent need for a political solution to the conflict.

The newspaper reported that now most of the province of Daraa is controlled by the so-called “Southern Front,” an alliance of armed opposition groups formed in 2014. Its representatives participated in the negotiations on Syrian reconciliation in Astana.

They are reinforcing their ranks and weapons stockpiles from the territory of neighboring Jordan. Military instructors from the West are there training opposition fighters in the camps.

Additionally, both ISIS terrorists and government troops are present in the province of Daraa.

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