Stoltenberg calls for rapid reform of Ukrainian Armed Forces

The Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Jens Stoltenberg, in a meeting with the Ukrainian Minister of Defense, Stepan Poltorak, stressed the need to make decisions on reforms of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and their effective implementation, according to the published report of the March 8th meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission.

Jens Stoltenberg also assured him of NATO’s support of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and noted that the Alliance will continue to increase political and practical assistance to Ukraine. The Secretary General of NATO praised Ukraine for an ambitious path to comprehensive reforms, including reforms in the areas of security and defense that they have initiated.

 According to him, NATO will continue to support Ukraine in the implementation of reforms and with the help of its advisers in Kiev, will help build the capacity of trust funds and provide annual national and partnership programs.

The necessary democratic control of the Army

Jens Stoltenberg also called on Ukraine to introduce the principles of civilian democratic control of the Armed Forces and assured them that NATO and Alliance advisers will provide further support to Ukraine on the way to the ambitious objective of bringing the military up to NATO standards.

“The better you implement reforms, the greater will be our practical support and assistance,” the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine quotes Stoltenberg as saying in a statement published on the Agency’s website.

Stepan Poltorak recognized the importance of reforms for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. “Today, we clearly understand that if thorough and qualitative reforms in the defense sector aren’t implemented now, we will not win, because there can be no second chance for Ukraine,” the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine quoted Poltorak as saying.

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