Ukrainian Armed Forces claim to have captured three Russian soldiers

Ukrainian forces captured three Russian soldiers near Troitske, an urban-type settlement in the Luhansk region, according to Presidential Administration spokesperson on conflict zone issues, Colonel Andriy Lysenko. The Ukrainian Colonel explained that a sabotage and reconnaissance group of more than 20 people moved to the positions of Ukrainian forces in the region of Troitske after powerful artillery preparations immediately after midnight.

Reinforcements immediately arrived to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. “In the end, the attack of the enemy failed, Ukrainian troops successfully took the fight forcing the invader to retreat. Ukrainian forces suffered no losses in this battle. The enemy sabotage and reconnaissance group left three seriously injured individuals on the battlefield. They were captured by servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” Lysenko said.

According to Lysenko, the platoon commander, a senior Lieutenant with the call sign ‘Santa’ and a machine-gunner with the call sign ‘Grisha’ fought the hardest in this battle.

One of the captured separatits fighters, a 39-year-old sniper, Nathan Zakirov, died shortly after. His passport and Russian military ID card were seized. According to the documents, he came to Donbas from Omsk. The other two wounded were taken to the hospital, where they are getting needed medical help.

According to the captured fighters, their ranks were a platoon commander and a battalion commander. Earlier, Ukrainian headquarters reported a record increase in the number of attacks in the Donbas in the last three months.

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