Ukrainian military commander: Foreign volunteers want to join Georgian Legion in eastern Ukraine

An international unit will soon be formed at the Georgian National Legion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces which is taking part in the military operation in the Donbas, said Mamuka Mamulashvili, the commander of the Georgian National Legion, in the broadcast of Obozrevatel.LIVE TV program.

“We recently announced the enrollment of volunteers in the Georgian Legion. This is already an international legion, so to speak. American specialists and military analysts agreed to distribute information among American, Canadian and Australian volunteers, who want to join us,” he noted.

According to Mamulashvili, the Georgian National Legion is expected to be significantly reinforced with experienced soldiers.

“We passed on our program according to which they will be trained. I think that many foreign citizens will come to us. This will play a positive role. There will be a stream not of amateurs, but of people who have already had good training,” the legion’s commander emphasized.

He admitted that the news would cause a real stir amongst the Kremlin’s propagandists.

“They have said many times already that there is a company of American specialists, although it is still only a few people. This will cause them to panic. They don’t like to enter a direct confrontation. They mostly use artillery fire in order to stop us. To put it bluntly, they’re afraid,” he concluded.

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