Ukrainian military tests new 79K6 Pelican radar station

Ukrainian servicemen have used the latest domestic development – the 79K6 Pelican, a mobile three-dimensional circular review radar station with a phased antenna array - for the first time during the Rubizh 2016 military drills, the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported.

The team operating the radar station marched 120 kilometers to reach their position where they tested the recovery of equipment in case of failure. After that, the team worked on the deployment and withdrawal of the radar station and checked its combat readiness.

“The radar station is powerful and very easy to use. It fully met our expectations,” the Chief of the Radar Station, Senior Lieutenant Alexei Gurmach, stated when commenting on the tests. The press service also clarified that the radar station will be used on active combat duty to protect the airspace over southern Ukraine immediately after the drills are completed.

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